Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yes I know

Yet again I've been slack, slack, slack.

So, to get you up to date, here is yet again, another dot point list of things about us!!!

- I STILL haven't had Sam's haircut. He refuses to let anyone but Ben (our usual hairdresser) or me cut it, and I don't trust myself anymore!
- Carson Hall Photography has photographed 2 weddings so far (check out our blog to see some images from them)
- Max is fat and happy again - hasn't been sick or cranky for a while, keeping my fingers crossed.
- We have a new car!!!! It's a Mazda Tribute Sports Elite (google it, I couldn't be bothered finding a link for you!) It's beautiful, but trust me when I say it didn't come without it's share of dramas
- Sam is finally happy at daycare, and I'm considering trying to get him in for an extra day
- Clydey celebrated his 35th b'day on Sunday just gone
- Max is talking up a storm - it's ridiculous. I swear the boy talks as much as your average 3 year old!!
- I have serious lens and tech envy - Bec has some beautiful new lenses, and Esther has herself a new macbook. I am trying to come up with every conceivable way to getting my own dirty little hands on any of these items for my self, but I know deep down that it's just not going to happen. - we won $1341 in lotto back in April, and only just found out!!! Unfortunately, instead of getting me a nice new lens or a nice new mac, this had to go straight onto our credit card. bummer.
- Only a few months until Clydey's parents get here - can't wait. Really need to look into stuff to do while they are here.
- have organised to do a Real Wedding Photography Training day thingy with one of my photography idols, James Day He rocks, and I can't wait. Not sure exactly when, but someone time year.
- I am starting a new personal project with my photography to try and release this creativity I know is hiding in me somewhere!!! I want to do some arty farty type stuff
- Sam's daycare teachers are telling me what a good listener he is - I'm finding it hard to believe it's the same kid!!
- Aunty Nat is in exams
- Aunty Cas has her ticket booked home for christmas - I can't wait!!!
- Nic's boys are coming down for school holidays soon - I can't wait to see them!!! The boys (all 5 of them!) will have a ball!
- I think I might have to get Max's first haircut soon too
- I have cool hair for the first time in my life!

Think that's about it - well all that my "only had one coffee so far today" brain can think of!

And of course, what would a post be without photos of the boys!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bad Blogger, Bad Blogger

I don't even let anyone know what we are up to lately, do I?

Well, let's see.

Clydey is on a diet and has lost 12kg.
Max was sick on the weekend and literally screamed our long Anzac Day weekend away.
Sam's new favourite movie is 101 Dalmations - he pisses himself laughing through it every time.
I wish I could keep my desk clean.
I have my first wedding to photograph in just over 2 weeks time.
Max is having his ears tested in 2 weeks time.
Sam still cries every time I drop him off to daycare.
I have Max on the waiting list for day care.
Clydey wants a new bike.
We need a new car and we need it soon.
I want my apple mac.
Bec and I just went halves in a macro lens.
Max has close to 100 words up his sleeve - he's a clever little monkey.
Sam needs a haircut.
I need a haircut and colour.
I need to buy something to wear for this wedding.
I am back playing netball on Tuesday nights.

Ummmmm...how's that for now?

And to leave you with some photos:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's illegal to steal images

I received a comment yesterday on this blog, from a girl asking me if she could use my photos on her orkut profile. I was going to just leave a comment in return to her...but hell, I'm going to turn it into a big deal.

This is what she asked:

 love your site too. I really like your photos and I
think Sambo is so cute. So I am writting u to ask
for a permition to use him photos on my fake profile
on orkut. I'm a girl with only 15 years old, and fakes
profiles it's like a hobby in my country, u put the
photos of the teens or kids that u think that is
beautiful create a fake name and make
friends that do the same as u but everyone know that
the person that they talk it isn't the kid or the
teen of the photos. Sometimes we get
some photos of famous person that we are fans,
and that's why I really expect that u permit me,
don't care about the photos, they will be
total security on my orkut cuz I'll put a name
and some brushs so as to
nobody want to stole. Please don't say no like
the most of the mommys say, think about it,
think that I wouldn't do anything that u would
dislike about the photos and I just want to play
(i don't know if it's
right to use this word in this case) in an
imaginary world, where
anyone knows who I really am. I'm waiting for
a answer and I expect
that it'll be a good answer for me. Thank u! bye bye!

Ps: since I don't have a blog u can answer me here
and I come back to
This whole orkut shit drives me crazy - just find some bloody photos that you ARE allowed to use....or better yet - take your fucking own. (sorry to those of you who don't condone swearing, but this really makes me mad). Why do you need my photos? Why can't you take some of your own. I get that you guys are all of a sudden asking permission to do it.....but christ. How many people are actually saying "sure, go ahead and take my photos for your stupid, childish games". GIVE UP PEOPLE.

It is illegal to take someone's photos, it is in direct violation of copyright laws. They are MY photos, and I didn't take them for some 12 year old in Brazil. If I find you have used them, I will take this further, trust me when I say I won't give up.


So, Marcela - does that answer your question?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's Official - I'm LIVE!!!!

After nearly 2 weeks of mucking around and fine tuning....my new website is LIVE!

I'm very proud of it, and am so glad I decided to get off my butt and get it organised.

If you stop by, leave me a comment and let me know what you think - I'd love to know.

http://www.fionacarsonphotography.com.au (or for the lazy, there is a link to the right!!!)

Monday, March 31, 2008

while I'm here

may as well post some photos!!

Big News for Fiona Carson Photography

It's all still in the pipeline but big things are heading my way!! Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boondall Wetlands

Dress #1, originally uploaded by fona251.

Bec and I took my gorgeous sister, Nat for a fun "fashion" shoot today! Apart from the billion mozzies we had to fight off, it was fan-bloody-tastic!! Thanks Bec, and thanks Nat!!

More photos on my work blog (link to the right!)